Recent work

Vessel: Patterns of Blue

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Uncut Magazine review:


 instrumentals, soundscapes, improvisations, etc.
2xcd in unique handstamped cardboard box.

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The Polymonochord

The Polymonochord consists of two modified record players, Meccano toys and a number of monochords. The monochord is a one-stringed instrument (mono=one, chord=string) one of the oldest in the world. It is found in different versions on all continents, e.g. the ektara (bengali), duxianqin (chinese) og masenqo (ethiopian). Pythagoras divided the monochord into different intervals, that are the foundation of Western Harmonics. The vinyl record is the oldest sound medium still in common use, and the record player is one of the oldest electronic music technologies. The Polymonochord combines these elements in a simple musical machine, that highlights the rudiments of music and lets the most subtle differences become musically meaningful.

 sfærisk bastant
month long generative sound installation, Sct. Ib´s Church, Roskilde
sound example here
sculptures by Sara Willemoes Thomsen
Installation view

Installation view

Installation view